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Board Looks

Based in Dawlish Warren, we are a brand that lives and breathes the coastal life. From hitting the sidewalk to getting out there on the waves, we know what people really want from their surf and skate wear. And we’ve got top notch experience in creating those killer looks. That’s why at Boardwalk, we want to kit you out with style that’s fit for both the beach and the urban jungle. We deliver workable fashion for whatever the weather and sell some of the big-name brands like Animal and Vans – the ones that surfers and skaters across the world can’t go without.

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Sea Worthy Style

To keep pace and give our customers the gear they wanted at the best prices, we took our wares to the web. Making things super easy for the online surfers out there, we’ve adapted to bring you the latest and greatest. So, check out our surf-worthy styles and street-ready skate wear – it’s plain sailing from here!

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Style for the Sidewalk

We have the low-down on working with beach-worthy styles and finding skateboard clothing that nails all the wardrobe essentials. For a sneak peek at our huge collection of surf clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts, why not hit us up on social media? Stop by for a chat while you’re at it! Most of us don’t bite.

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