Styling the Surf Look in 2018

If you keep on top of what’s going on in fashion, you’ll know that this season’s looks seem to be obsessed with surf culture. And if not, this blog will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about surf fashion in 2018 and why we are all after that sun-kissed look.

Runways are loving the laidback beach lifestyle that has become second nature to many of us. Moving away from the skate-culture inspired clothing, runways are now bringing traditional surf motifs, killer waves and the sun-loving culture right onto the catwalk. But what is it about the surf style that has inspired its rise in popularity this year?


  • It’s effortless

    Simple but important. Surf style is effortless in its nature – luring consumers into this new trend. You can’t deny that surf fashion is easy. It’s all about looking cool without trying too hard and that’s the best part. You don’t have to labour for hours to look the part. This beach look is about being practical, comfortable and ready to hit the salt when the surf calls for it.


  • There’s no right way to do it

    With surf fashion, there isn’t a set way to get it right. There is no one way to wear things, or a specific design/pattern you have to rock. If you’re feeling good in what you’re wearing and working something beachy, you can’t go far wrong.


  • Doesn’t break the bank

    Unlike some trends, surf fashion can be a pretty easy and affordable one to pull off. Chances are, you’ve already got what you need to look the part. Whether it’s an old pair of denim shorts or your dad’s wavy fleece from the 70’s, you can throw a beach-inspired look together in no time.


  • You don’t have to do your hair

    When we think of surf fashion, we think of that lush beach hair. But what’s great about this part of the surf look, is that it doesn’t take hours to create. It’s all about getting out there in the sun and surf and letting the wind and waves do their magic. That said, whacking on a cap can sort out any number of issues and give you an instant beachy vibe…


  • Works all seasons

    While some trends and fashion looks fade with the changing seasons, the surf style isn’t one of them. If you’re a keen surfer, you know that some of the best waves often come on the wettest and most miserable days in the UK. Surf wear isn’t limited to summer alone and it’s easy to adapt the look to the weather by chucking on a few layers over your boardshorts.


It’s clear just how much this sport has influenced the fashion industry over the years; surf fashion is no longer just for the board or the beach. Now, you can take your sun-bleached hair and flowery boardshorts just about anywhere you go. To bag your surf fashion fix, hit up our social channels and get inspired.