Our Top Surfwear Brands

We all love to look the part when hitting the beach, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without the big surfwear brands that sort out our style. So, we’ve thrown some of our favourites onto this blog to give you a sampling of the best surf brands around the world.



This American-Australian brand creates high-quality surfing goods and is renowned for the durable material that sees garments through just about anything the ocean can throw their way. Founded in Torquay, Australia, a place known for its surfing knowledge and expertise, Quiksilver creates high-performance clothing for board sports.

They’ve made it big in the surfing world and as one of the leading and best surf brands, you’ll find them putting on sponsored events and competitions throughout the year.



Much like Quiksilver, when you think of surf wear, Billabong always comes to mind. Championing the surf fashion and style, this brand is primarily a clothing retailer. That said, they have some pretty killer accessories, watches and skate gear on offer too.

The company was founded by a couple living on Australia’s Gold coast who saw a gap in the local market to design their own surf fashion brand. The pair created their renowned boardshorts from hand and the business grew to insane heights from there. Initially, they sold their shorts in the local surf shop before eventually going global. We love the story behind the brand; it clearly has its own edge and something different to offer.



Reef, similar to Vans, takes pride in selling seriously good footwear for outdoor adventures. It offers fashionable footwear for everyone so everyone can discover the surf wear they love.

Whilst many surf wear brands don’t use environmentally friendly materials or production techniques to make their apparel, Reef is pretty eco-conscious! It’s one of the few surfing brands that have taken environmental concerns into their own hands, ensuring the goods they produce for the beach, help the marine life, too.



Vans was established back in 1966 and is a brand we’ve all loved and lived with. You can find just about anyone rocking their classic Vans soles and styles – they never grow old. Though many of us think of Vans as a top manufacturer of shoes, they also sell a huge variety of caps, bags and clothing, adapting to the youth lifestyle and sports culture that we’re living in right now.

Vans are no longer just creating shoes for skaters but adapting all their activewear to cater to surfers and other outdoor activities. They have a great range of surf gear from watches, shoes and sandals, but unlike other brands tend towards providing the accessories you would wear on the beach instead of providing the board.



Like many other surfwear brands, Animal established themselves way back when but continue to influence surf style today. Founded in Poole, Dorset, this brand really gets what surfing in the UK is all about. They started off producing watch straps designed for surfers but now they cater for all genders and ages across an insane variety of clothing, accessories and more. As a leading brand, Animal offer everything from beach lifestyle to mountain biking gear and snow sports. We love Animal as they really listen to what their audience want and take pride in collaborating with those in the field.

There are tons of incredible surf brands out there – seriously, way too many to shout about in just one blog post. But hopefully, this has given you a flavour. And if you’ve got a real taste for it and want some more, hit us up on social for the latest and greatest surfwear brands and fashion.