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Welcome to Boardwalk, the online home of surf clothing, skate wear and sick kicks for pounding the salty streets. From the beach to the mountains to the urban jungle itself, Boardwalk is here to combine fresh styles, fitness and the South Coast freedom that no amount of Prêt-a-Mangers can make up for in London.

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Boardwalk Clothing is the site that you didn’t know you needed. Much like surfing, skating is a sport and if you’re going to do it properly, you need more than the skills alone – you need the look. We help you get the look and style you want, bringing you the freshest trends and upcoming brands. From surf clothing online to the sickest skate wear on offer, we’ve got what you need to hit the streets, the waves and anything you can do a 180 on.

Home to those big-name brands, at Boardwalk, you can kit yourself out for the surf spray. You’ll find everything from Quicksilver and Superdry to DC and Animal – and then a whole bunch more! We have just what you need for the ultimate board style, too; sneakers, rucksacks and Vans caps to top it off. And even better, everything we have to offer is just a few clicks away. We are making it Amazon-style easy for you to find skate wear and surf clothing online without ever having to step into a shop. You can get all your wavy garms sent straight to your front door. That means you can spend the time you would have spent shopping, hitting the waves or the sidewalk instead.

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Based in Dawlish Warren, we have the low-down on working with beach-worthy styles and finding skateboard clothing that nails all the wardrobe essentials. For a sneak peek at our huge collection of surf clothing, shoes, accessories and gifts, why not hit us up on social media? Stop by for a chat while you’re at it! Most of us don’t bite.

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